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22 year old youth found dead in prison allegedly hanged himself.

shashikumar a l selvam death.jpgHindraf today exposed another plight of death in custody of Shashikumar a/ l Selvam at Kluang prison .Today at a press conference Hindraf Legal counsel Mr Karthig Shanmugan seriously condemns the unnecessary loss of life and calls the AG to hold an immediate inquest and a criminal investigation into the incident Hindraf further wants a a criminal investigations initiated in the mysterious death surrounding the 22 year old youth who was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for a trivial crime.

Shashikumar Selvam was a youthful offender sentenced to 10 Years for stealing rice and sardine is now found dead hanging in the cell. At the press conference held in brick fields today the 22 year old deceased's grandmother in an emotional statement to the media questioned as to why the judiciary had to sentence him to a 10 year imprisonment for an offense of stealing rice and sardines.

She lamented further that due to poverty and illiteracy she could not engage a lawyer nor could the deceased who was 20 years old then could defend himself.

The judge should have the foresight to enquire the circumstances relating to the offense and should have given him a chance to repent by a light sentence, community service and counseling given the fact he is a first offender added the grandmother.

Madam Sushilarani also produced a romanised letter written by the deceased describing her as mother ( the deceased mother died few years ago) and how much he loved and missed her. She finds it baffling that he would commit suicide and suspects that he was murdered for some mysterious reasons.

In her report dated 25/5/2015 Madam Sushilarani raised her suspicions as to circumstances leading to the deceased hanging himself.

She now urge the police to conduct a serious investigation

Hindraf Legal counsel Karthig Shanmugam today confirmed that Hindraf had written to the AG for an inquest and an investigation into the death of Shashikumar. Karthig further said that he has advised Madam Sushilarani not to claim the body of her grandson pending perusal of the1st post mortem report. If not satisfied, Hindraf would advise her to seek a second post mortem report.

P. Muniandy Secretary