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Is the IGP sanctioning indecent exposure (flashing) by policemen?

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HINDRAF is disappointed that the IGP has not taken any steps against the police officer who unzipped his pants and attempted to show his genital to a woman recently during their harassment towards the GATCO settlers.

The said incident happened in the last week of May 2015, wherein the woman had subsequently slapped the police officer followed up by police report by her and the other Settlors.

It is a well settled law in Sec 509 of the Penal code as a sexual offence, yet neither investigation nor suspension or remand has been initiated by the IGP against the said police officer. Currently the police force is taking laws into their hands in regards to the GATCO settlers issue by continuing to harass and intimidate some 300 over settlors in cohort with the private owners.

The police officers in Bahau seem to be acting like cowboys without any respect for the law or the citizens that they are supposed to protect. Such unchecked unruly act by the police officers creates unnecessary animosity amongst the public sentiment and tarnishes the image of the police force as a whole.

The IGP seems to be keener on making arrest on twits and face book comments rather than addressing issues relating to his own officers who seem to have taken the law onto their own hands. The police force is becoming a laughing stock of the community with such wayward actions by its police officers and the reluctant of the IGP to act against his officers.

Till today, there are many intimidating and harassment being continued by the police force against the settlers and the IGP is sitting silently without interfering and reprimanding his officers.

It appears the IGP has given the Ayer Hitam police force a free hand to do anything they want even against the law by ensuring that the disputed private owners interest are protected.

HINDRAF urges the IGP to intervene and stop the police harassment on the GATCO settlers by the police force and immediately initiate an action against the flasher policeman.

Thank you.
P.Waytha Moorthy