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shashikumar press conference.jpgHINDRAF today revealed evidence of drug trafficking at the Kluang Prison and urged the authorities to take immediate action beginning with an inquest which is long due in the death of prison inmate Shashikumar who was found hanged in his cell on the 22nd May 2015.

In a letter dated 16th July 2015 Suhakam confirms the following at para 3 XV;
“Melalui penyiasatan kes dadah keatas banduan ini, pihak penjara berpendapat motif beliau menggantung diri adalah mungkin ada ugutan oleh kumpulan sindiket dadah dalam penjara kerana membocorkan aktiviti pengedaran dadah mereka”.

Shashikumar aged 22 years old was found hanged at the Kluang prison.

According to the letter from Suhakam addressed to the grandmother of the deceased, Shashikumar tested positive for drugs in prison on two occasions and on the 20th May 2015 he was found to be in possession (in his rectum) of drugs (type not specified) weighing 4.12 grams. He was immediately isolated in a separate cell to continue with investigations.

In a press conference held in Kuala Lumpur today, HINDRAF chairman P. Waytha Moorthy hit out at the findings of Suhakam and stressed that the findings of Suhakam raises more questions than giving answers. Waytha Moorthy hit out at the prison authorities accusing the prison authorities of attempting to cover up a huge drug trafficking scandal. “

The allegation that Shashikumar was a drug pusher within prison does not make sense. The pertinent question is how drugs got into prison in the first place. We are told there are more than 2000 prisoners at Kluang prison. If Shashikumar can have 4.12 grams, one can imagine the likely amount of drugs distributed in the prison.

Upon the prison authorities own admission there is evidence of an organized drug syndicate operating in prison. Hindraf beliefs top prison authorities are working hand in glove with drug barons and prison inmates”.

The Hindraf leader further lambasted findings of the prison authorities that Shashikumar may have committed suicide out of pressure from the drug syndicate who would have threatened him. “ How could the syndicate threaten him when he was isolated in a separate cell?

We belief Shashikumar was murdered in prison to prevent him from revealing the identity of the drug syndicate running rampant in prison which may involve top officers.

An inquest is the best way to find out the truth and this could be a case to revamp the prison security system. This is a serious national security issue. Prison is supposed to be a place for rehabilitation not a secure and lucrative drug business venue with fixed clientele.

” Waytha also stressed he is puzzled as to why the Chief Justice’s office and the AG’s chambers are reluctant to hold an inquest on the death of Shashikumar.

Now that a drug syndicate operating within prison is clear, it would be interesting to see how the AG and CJ’s office react to this. Shashikumar’s grandmother Madam Susila Rani also present at the press conference in an emotional statement questioned the reluctance of the Judiciary and AG in conducting an inquest to find out the truth of the matter.

She said she deserves to know the truth surrounding the death and wants to prevent further deaths in prison.

She will not claim the body of Shashikumar until an inquest is held. Hindraf legal counsel S. Karthigesan hit out at the AG’s office for their lackadaisical attitude in this matter and questioned the AG’s deafening silence and his inaction on the inquest.

P. Muniandy