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Hindraf seeks Rulers intervention

HINDRAF urges the Conference of Rulers to take a proactive step in the right direction to undo the wrongs committed to their Non-Muslim subjects in light of the constant abdication of powers of the judiciary and its inability to fulfil its role coupled with the legislators and defective executive regulations that continues to drag these issues.

The current ruling on Ms Indira Gandhi and increasing polarization between the Muslim and no-Muslims due to partisan decisions calls for indera gandhi.jpg

The Conference of Rulers to come forward to resolve these issues that has been a thorn for the communities in Malaysia for almost three decades.

The still impending proposed changes relating to conversion issues were put forward by the Government to the Conference of Rulers on 29th June 2009 which included proposed changes involving procedures on dissolution of marriage, right to custody when conversion happens after marriage, maintenance of children and wife and division of assets. However nothing has moved.

HINDRAF opines the time has come for the Rulers to protect the sanctity of their role as the protectors of Islam and the protectors of their subjects’ irrespective of race and religion.

HINDRAF is of the opinion in no instance do these proposals to resolve the religious conflicts diminish the rights of either a Muslim or their obligations but more so provides a moral compass clearly depicted in the tenets of all religion including Islam that resonate with universal values of humanity.

Constitutionally based on the second limb of Article 153, the Conference of Rulers have equal responsibilities in protecting the legitimate Constitutional rights of the minorities as their subjects without being trampled over by the other organs of the government.

The position in post-independence Malaysia should not be whether the Conference of Rulers are the exclusive preserver of one community but rather a visible symbol of a common unity factor where the monarchy continues to forge a sense of one community and one nation to which we aspire.

The rakyat and the nation recognize that the rulers’ duty of care is to promote welfare and wellbeing of the people irrespective of their origin, religion or creed of their subject.

HINDRAF realises although the Monarchy is placed above the political fray, it remains an indispensable part of the social fabric as invisible social glue conferring a psychological security to the rakyat of all races whenever their basic rights are trampled upon.

P.Waytha Moorthy
15th January 2016