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Hindraf challenges MIC to leave Barisan Nasional July 16, 2016

from: P.Muniandy, via email

Muniandy mic bn 6001Hindraf is shocked with the statement by the MIC Youth leader confirming what Hindraf has always stated, that the Umno-led Government is, and has always been racist: 22 years under Mahathir’s racist regime, continued under Abdullah Badawi and the current leadership under Najib Razak.

What difference has there been in the racist regime of Umno, backed by pussycat component parties, of which MIC is one?

Hindraf wishes to remind MIC that the BN suffered heavy losses in 2008 due not only to Mahathir’s dictatorial 22 years of ruling, but also his policies which were continued by his successors.

It was Hindraf which took the bull by its horns and went on a people’s uprising against the racist regime of the Umno-led Government in 2007 and embarked on an international campaign to expose Malaysia’s racist policies.

It must be remembered that Subramaniam, the current MIC leader, and most of MIC’s current top leadership, worked hand in glove with Mahathir and denied the minority Indian community their basic rights.

If MIC was genuine in its stand that Mahathir’s 22 year reign was racist, the question then arises as to what has MIC done to convince the subsequent leaders who took over to dismantle those racist policies?

Abdullah Badawi and Najib Razak were part of Mahathir’s cabinet. Can MIC show the slightest evidence that they have advocated against any racist policies of the government not only to the Indian community but the entire 45% non-Malay community. The answer is obvious.

The fact that MIC is willing to condone the great injustices perpetrated by the Umno-led BN (together with other political parties) shows their lack of concern for the larger national interest and justice. Even now it is not too late.

MIC can still leave BN to show their sincerity. However Hindraf is not convinced MIC has the courage to do the honourable thing as they are used to the peanuts thrown at them and the personal benefits they obtain by hanging on to a racist regime.

P. Muniandy is secretary of Hindraf, the human rights action front